The Underwater Zoo

Ah, the underwater zoo. I've been keeping fish since high school. Here's a link to the fish I had back in high school and undergrad years. Now I'm an apartment dweller, so I have to limit myself in my number of fish. Right now I have a 40g, 29g and several 10g tanks running. I also have this 3 tier stand in storage because there was no way I was lugging that thing up the stairs to my current apartment. When it was running, it held a 30 breeder on the middle shelf, up to 4 10g tanks on the top shelf and up to 2 5g tanks in the cabinet. Here's a link to the description of the 30 breeder when I had it up and running. It'll be one of the first things set back up when I move.

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40 gallon Tanganyikan community tank 29 gallon Ameca splendens tank 10 gallon Neolamprologus similis tank
10 gallon Neolamprologus pulcher tank 10 gallon Neolamprologus pulcher tank

Tank Descriptions

40 gallon Tanganyikan community tank

This tank has seen several incarnations. Here's a link to the first setup of this tank. They met a misfortunate end when a roommate turned off the A/C in the summer. Currently I have: The paracyps were a rescue from the pet store and I've yet to get more as this area is not well known for its abundance of rift lake cichlids and mail order would be rather expensive just for a group of paracyps. I also don't know for sure what their locality is since the pet store didn't know. They seem content to school with the pulchers oddly enough. When I move and get room for more tanks, I think this will become exclussively a calvus tank. They are still a bit young, but the male is starting to show fits of intolerance, such as when he killed the other julie.

29 gallon Ameca splendens tank

This tank is inhabitted by Ameca splendens and Amano shrimp. The tank has a river tank theme, complete with a special bit of PVC plumbing to get the water to recirculate in a more river-like fashion. Originally these guys were in a 20g show. Here's a picture of that setup:
20g river tank
However the Amecas are quite prolific, so I moved that setup to the 29g when I moved. It looks basically the same, just a tad larger and more algae.

10 gallon Neolamprologus similis tank

Originally my similis were in the 29g tank and then the 30 breeder tank with just two pair in the 10 gallon tank because they couldn't find territory in the 30 breeder. Here's my page on those old setups. Then I discovered that the city I lived in didn't much care to take protective measures when excessive bacterial counts were noted during water testing. Unfortunately, I changed the water on the 30 breeder tank during one of these bacterial blooms and lost that whole tank. I still had the two pair in the 10 gallon though. Now I have that pair and about a dozen of their offspring of various ages.

10 gallon Neolamprologus pulcher tank

This tank has a breeding trio of N. pulcher. Before the move, they were in a 20g, but it didn't make the move in a water-safe fashion. I put them in a 10g that is right next to the similis tank. It's been 6 months and they seem to be adjusting fine. The male spends most of his time flaring at the similis in the neighboring tank. When they were in the 20g, the females did produce more fry, but I view this setup as temporary. When I move, they'll go back into a 20g long or 29g.

10 gallon Neolamprologus pulcher tank

This tank has the older offspring from the breeding trio. There's about a dozen juvenials in this tank. The oldest were born in Nov 2005, a month before I moved. Actually suprised any of them survived that. The younger ones are from a batch in February 2006.

Thanks for visiting the aquatic portion of my zoo.