Welcome to the Zoo!

What's the zoo you may be asking. Well, the zoo is what I jokingly refer to as my house, primarly my pets. Just click on the fish or cats buttons to get to know all about my little zoo.

Who am I?

I am the little MudPuppy in charge of this ever growing zoo. I am she of many names. Online most of you know me as Jeana or, if you have known me for a while online, Shwaine.

My offline interests:

My online interests

Malevolence: mudpuddle.shwaine.com 3000

Malevolence was where I first got my start at mudding. It has faced several problems and moves throughout it's lifetime. Malevolence has been around since November 1995.

Malevolence is not a mud for the faint of heart or the sensitive. For those of you used to MUDs like RoD, there are relatively few restrictions on players other than do not make a pain of yourself constantly. Malevolence is also a challenging MUD, both in terms of advancing and killing large monsters for fabulous prizes. If you are looking for a mature, challenging MUD, Malevolence is the place for you.

I am known as Shwaine on Malevolence. I have been a part of the coding team since December 1995. I am the only active original coder and currently run the mud. I am also domain lord of Xanadu, a maze ridden area filled with many hidden secrets and dangers. It is home of two ancient guilds, the Sorital and Paladins. I am patron of both those guilds as well as the Rangers.

I used to play on Malevolence as Kat the Drunken Sorital, founder of the Fang and Claw party. Known as a loner with somewhat of a violent temper, Kat is quick to come to the aid of her friends and quicker to kill large numbers of monsters with wild hand gesturing and chanting. Kat has currently gone into idle mode.

I now play Jeana, a high level Ranger with her warbird DreamStealer (some of you from RoD may remember my two Scythes of the Abyss, DreamStealer and SoulStealer).

Realm of the Dragons (RoD): mud.rod.org 3000

Despite my many attempts to quit this mud, it just keeps drawing me back in. I'm currently playing a drow cleric.